Digital Cohesion

Digital Cohesion in Analytics

Social Media and Website analytics has created many opportunities for companies to gauge how users interact with them. The data only goes so far. Using the metrics of tools like Semrush and Google Analytics and importing them to a CRM like Salesforce must match the C-Suites intent.

Digital Cohesion happens when the goals of the C-Suite (and shareholders) are aligned with the proper benchmarks and execution. By performing multiple tasks for a company or project, tools are useful to use analytics with agility. A tech Unicorn in Chicago utilizes our services to find these cohesive strategies that employ tools of analytics, knowledge and strategy to work with the C-Suite and teams on a seamless integration of the project. Quarter by quarter is too long of a timeframe-even during a 3-5 year strategic planning phase. Agile analytics is at hand with Digital Cohesion.

Digital Cohesion in E-Commerce

E-commerce will continue to grow and be the dominant shopping experience in B2B, B2C and D2C. Magento and Shopify are great platforms that fuel the economy of buying and selling. Retail is the most visible form of what happens when a brick and mortar company fails to deliver a Bricks AND Clicks strategy. had billions in sales yet still bought Why? sells Walmart goods available at stores or online; sells merchandise not available at Walmart. Restaurant groups are a unique blend of Bricks and clicks. Arcsec deployed and maintains systems that capture data and dollars for online ordering. This is not divergence, this strategy is Digital Cohesion. Similarily, Amazon is placing containers and partnering with Kohl’s and other brick and mortar names to facilitate the User Economy or pointedly the User Evolution.

Digital Cohesion in Enterprise

The transformation that happens at the enterprise level is unique. Companies that are innovative have elements of Digital Cohesion. Successful Digital Transformations must have components of Digital Cohesion. Every stack, silo, tribe and team need to understand their core capabilities in order for the project and company to be successful. CRM’s need to understand the ERP’s even though they are seemingly disconnected. Infrastructure and scalability must be built with growth in mind. Our corporate clients refer us to their peers and competition. Realizing one size doesn’t fit all, our strategies are unique and as many board members understand-the solutions we provide can be used industry wide, not just for the one board a member may have a seat on. As new areas of business are recognized, they need to be analyzed, nurtured and possibly spun off in order to see the patterns of true growth. Digital Cohesion in Enterprise is a continual process across the spectrum of industry, yet must be delivered at C-Suite level before companies can implement and realize the benefits.