User Evolution – Beyond UI/UX

User Evolution in GTM

GTM (Google Tag Management) makes tracking your user behavior a lot easier. It allows for understanding of your audiences and engagement with your products.

Arcsec developed an application process for one of the big insurance companies, and followed their guidelines to integrate with their internal technologies. After the product was launched, we recommended a change to the submission process based on the analytical user behavior data. The change increased user retention rate as well as improved user experience.

User Evolution is based on the experience that leads to tangible results. Experience alone is not enough to understand ROI, but a strategy with retention and results at its core, will make it easier to reach your digital transformation and cohesion goals.

User Evolution in E-Commerce

Retail businesses rely heavily on e-commerce platforms to deliver better user experience and increased sales. Challenges are often in users abandoning carts and not completing purchases for various reasons. Analyzing those behaviors and improving experiences through quick changes and feedback improves further outcome.

In a recent upgrade of the online ordering system for one of Arcsec’s retail clients we found that users are more likely to proceed with a transaction based solely on the actual website rather than a third-party integrated shopping, which may look and feel slightly different from the website. It was also interesting to note that making the order and transaction as simple as possible and quick to complete increased the number of returning users.

There is a high level of complexity when it comes to understanding user experience in online shopping, yet much of the infrastructure is built around the stores’ internal capacities and inventory controls. E-commerce systems tailor functionality to accommodate variations, attributes, dynamic pricing, fees, discounts and many more factors yet fail to meet users’ needs for simplicity and intuitive design. We, as a digital agency, are hired to review those processes and develop a better UI/IX for the end-user.

User Evolution in Enterprise

Solutions for user experience should not only be created for consumers of your products, but they should also include your internal teams, people who know best about your business. Interpretation of user experience begins internally and then moves to production with assumptions that the end-users are going to follow the design intention.

Some of the most successful companies Arcsec partners with design their user experience around internal staff first, and then deliver even better services and products to their consumers. Conversely, corporate culture is underestimated by companies lacking digital experience and innovation. Our applications that Arcsec continues to develop for the corporate partners are user-centric first, consistent with internal company culture and brand identity. One of the products to support corporate culture and communication to achieve cohesive user experience is corporate intranet with a heavy focus on internal teams, expression of company’s culture and empowerment of the employees.